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Products & Services Overview

Communication systems are evolving and turning the world into one global community. Aglotel, the company with in-depth knowledge and experience on communication, broadband and information technology is the preferred partner of many major companies in Malaysia. Since its founding, Aglotel has been offering business communication solutions, from conceptual design, installation, implementation to on-going maintenance and support, enabling our customers to communicate and conduct business effectively, in addition to helping them to achieve solid business profitability.

We offer :

  • Full range of telecommunication, Information technology and wireless broadband
    products & services
  • Turnkey business communication solutions from professional advice to installation and commissioning
  • Business communication solutions in line with customers’ business goals and objectives
  1. Broadband Fixed Wireless Access
  2. Broadband Antennas
  3. Broadband Services – Streamyx
  4. Broadband Set-Top Box
  5. Engineering Services
  6. Enterprise Communication Terminals

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