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Unlimited Broadband Internet Access

Welcome to unlimited broadband Internet Access service provided by TMNet. With TMNET Streamyx broadband package ranging from the speed of 512Kbps to 2Mbps, you can enjoy a variety of application such as life video streaming, online games, online music downloads, high speed video conference and many more applications using high speed Internet access.

tmnet streamyx is a broadband access
service which provides 'always on' connection to the Internet with speed bandwidths from 512k up to 2mbps.

With the high-speed connectivity/ bandwidth, the service is ideal to support most broadband applications such as web hosting, video streaming, e-commerce, distance learning and others.

 Who will benefit most

 Basically, the service will benefit mostly the:
  • Residential customers with heavy Internet usage who have been using the net via 56kbps dial-up or ISDN.
  • Small businesses that have been using analog dial Internet access but actually need higher bandwidth, but not at higher cost. For instance, SMEs, SOHOs and telecommuters that have different applications such as e-commerce, web hosting, distance learning, serious Internet surfing and etc.
  • Large businesses that require Internet access with high business grade service to support mission critical applications like e-commerce, net-meetings, streaming audio/video, portal service, web hosting, and access to the company LAN for telecommuting employees, extranet for valued customers and business partners.

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Application Form

  • Option A) Submit Online Application Form
  • Option B) Please download the application form:
    tmnet 1525 Application form (PDF Format)
    File size : 927KB
    | download here |
    tmnet 1525 Fixed-IP Application form (PDF Format)
    File size : 99KB
    | download here |


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